What Community Resources should be at Oracle OpenWorld?

A short while ago I posted about the Oracle OpenWorld Schedule Matrix of MySQL sessions (in PDF and HTML formats).  We have printed up a (small) number of schedules to have on hand at the MySQL Community kiosk at the User Group Pavillion in Moscone West.

Yes, you read that correctly — the User Group Pavillion will include a MySQL Community kiosk this year!  Sarah and I have been coordinating the effort to staff the kiosk and figure out what we need to provide.

Sadly, it’s just a kiosk (same as all the other User Group organizations get), so we cannot have a ton of flyers there.  To that end, we have created a QR code that resolves to www.kimtag.com/MySQL, which is where we are putting many links.  

To that end, we’d like your help figuring out what we have missed.  In order to keep the list of links as short and relevant as possible we have put as many aggregate links as we could, for example we link to planet.mysql.com instead of individual blogs, and we are only listing the major conferences with over 500 attendees expected.  The links at www.kimtag.com/MySQL as of the time of this blog writing are:

– MySQL sessions at OOW

– Planet MySQL

– dev.mysql.com (docs, etc)

– mysql.com

– MySQL User Groups (forge.mysql.com list) – so if you have a user group, make sure to update the forge page!

– Percona Live 2012 Conference & Expo

– MySQL videos on YouTube

– IOUG MySQL Council

– OurSQL Podcast Blog

– OurSQL iTunes link

– MySQL Experts podcast

– Book: MySQL Administrator’s bible*

– Book: High Performance MySQL

– Book: Expert PHP/MySQL

– Book: MySQL High Availability


If you think of a link we should put on there, please comment below.


For what it’s worth, the paper we will have will be:

– The current day’s schedule

– A flyer about Percona Live 2012 MySQL Conference & Expo

– A poster of the QR code and a few small paper slips with the QR code

– IOUG MySQL Council business cards

And even that is stretching it, as there will be a laptop at the kiosk provided by Oracle and the kiosk is 24 inches x 24 inches, about 61 centimeters x 61 centimeters.
* Note that I have ordered the books with the MySQL Administrator’s Bible first because it’s for beginner/intermediate users, whereas High Performance MySQL is for intermediate/advanced users.

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