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Mozilla at SCALE 11x

Mozilla has a great presence at SCALE11x, the 11th Annual Southern California Linux Expo. This annual conference is completely volunteer run and one of the best Linux conferences around. Mozilla sponsored Fridays DevOps Day LA and were part of the selection committee for MySQL Community Day.

See Firefox OS phones
Want to see a FirefoxOS mobile phone in action? Want to learn how to write apps for FirefoxOS? Come visit us at booth #14 and we will show you the phones and how to write a great app.

Also at booth #14, we are giving away swag! Get the traditional Firefox logo sticker or the new blue rocketship Firefox Marketplace stickers. We also have Firefox lanyards and pens, Mozilla stickers and I support the Open Web wristbands.

Want a T-shirt?
We have a limited supply of T-shirts. If you want one, tweet this sentence, filling in why you love Firefox:

Then come to the Mozilla booth (#14) and show us your tweet! Choose between the traditional Firefox logo tee, as modeled by Casey on the right, or the new Firefox Marketplace soft blue T-shirt modeled by me on the left:

Mozilla Talks at SCALE
Mozilla presented three informative talks at SCALE11x to full audiences:
Sheeri Cabral (Database Engineering) presented Are You Getting the Best Out of Your MySQL Indexes? at the MySQL Community Day, and the PDF slides are available.

Brandon Burton (Web Operations) presented Puppet at Mozilla. Slides are available on speakerdeck.

Chris Turra and Brandon Burton (Web Operations) presented Simple Patterns for Scaling Websites: Some Lessons Learned at Mozilla, and the slides are available here.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend at SCALE 11x!