Videos of Pythian Sessions from the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo

Here’s a sneak peek at a video matrix — this is all the videos that include Pythian Group employees at the MySQL conference. I hope to have all the rest of the videos processed and uploaded within 24 hours, with a matrix similar to the one below (but of course with many more sessions).

TitlePresenterSlidesVideo link
Details (Conf. site link)
Main Stage
Keynote: Under New Management: Next Steps for the CommunitySheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)N/A18:16
session 14808
Ignite talk: MySQLtuner 2.0Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF5:31N/A
Thoughts on Drizzle and MySQLSheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)N/A9:22N/A
MySQL Configuration Options and Files: Basic MySQL Variables (Part 1)Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)
1:25:04, pre-break

1:35:47, post-break
session 12408
MySQL Configuration Options and Files: Intermediate MySQL Variables (Part 2)Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)
1:25:04, pre-break

1:24:28, post-break
session 12435
Better Database Debugging for Shorter DowntimesRob Hamel (Pythian)PDF33:13
session 13021
Find Query Problems Proactively With Query ReviewsSheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF45:59session 13267
Time Zones and MySQLSheeri K. Cabral (Pythian)PDF45:54
session 12412
Security Around MySQLDanil Zburivsky (The Pythian Group)ODP37:27session 13458
Continual Replication SyncDanil Zburivsky (The Pythian Group)ODP45:57session 13428

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