Lesson 08: Doing More with MySQL

Notes/errata/updates for Chapter 8:
See the official book errata at http://tahaghoghi.com/LearningMySQL/errata.php – Chapter 8 includes pages 277 – 296.

Note: if trying to load the “academics.csv” file on Linux, you may want to set the owner and group to mysql first:
sudo chown mysql:mysql /tmp/academics.csv

In the section on “Creating Tables with Queries”, p. 286, it says “The LIKE syntax allows you to create a new table with exactly the same structure as another, including keys.” However, it only preserves UNIQUE, PRIMARY and regular indexes. It does not preserve FOREIGN keys.

In the section on “Replacing Data”, p 292 – 293, it mentions the REPLACE command, but not the INSERT…ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE syntax. You can read about that at the MySQL manual page.

Finally, for more information on EXPLAIN, check out this video presentation on how to use and interpret EXPLAIN. There are also PDF slides.

Topics covered:
Importing and Exporting Data
Replacing Data

Reference/Quick Links for MySQL Marinate