Getting to No: Tactics and Scripts to Stay Close to Your Path

Whether you’re trying to get alignment on goals, strategy, tactics; or stick with them during quarterly planning, daily standups, and when urgent items come up – you need to be able to recognize which ideas will lead you astray, and be able to resist them, while growing and maintaining good relationships.

This talk, first presented at Building Products That Matter, Together addresses the tough work of being able to execute your plans effectively. Attendees will learn how to figure out what to accept, delay and reject, as well as learn several scripts of how to reject and delay ideas without destroying trust and goodwill with stakeholders and customers.

Here are the slides – you can see them here and use the menu at the top right of the box (3 dots, “hamburger menu”) to download the slides if you prefer:

The video is available on ProductBoard’s website – it requires a login, but it’s completely free.