User Group Video Up, and Video Camera Review

Download the video at:
– 520 kbps, 320 x 240, 354M. Small size, low quality, but you can still see the slides and hear everything. – 45 kbps, 320 x 120, 29M. Small size, low quality, but you can still see the slides and hear everything.

Technocation, Inc. received a donation of a Sony Handycam DCR SR80 ( ), extra-long battery, microphone (proprietary Sony that goes with the camera).

In a short sentence: I am impressed. The sound quality (on the large version) is almost exactly what I heard. Granted, I have some hearing loss, but I forgot to bring the microphone, and you can still hear audience questions very well. The video quality is great, too. The hard disk is perfect, because files can be copied over or burned directly to DVD. It records in MPEG-4 format.

The 1 hour 38 minute talk took up less than 6 gigs of space raw (I forget how much exactly, but it cuts the files into 2G chunks, and there were 3). This gives at least 10 hours of recording time before needing to dump to disk. This is a very exciting prospect for the MySQL Conference and Expo at the end of April, I’ll be able to video a LOT.

Special thanks go to the User Group member (who may wish to remain anonymous, but I forgot his name anyway, so if he wishes to comment he can, or just e-mail me so I remember your name!) who talked to me about codecs and which programs to use, because they worked!

I was not quite ready for the start of the User Group, and had to run out to my car to get the tripod, so the first minute or so (until 1:25) is me setting up the tripod — I apologize for the movement.

You can see the “Night Shot” functionality early on, when I focus on Brian and turn it on. It does a great job, but loses a lot of color (1:53 until 1:59).

I was disappointed that when you connect the DC power supply, the video stops (so there’s a few hops int here).

Brian takes some slides, starts talking, and questions ensue. The basic slides were about MySQL’s internal architecture.

Some links:
MySQL and dual-master/circular replication
There’s a great article by Guiseppe Maxia at:

And a free chapter on Replication from Jeremy Zawodny’s

Around 27:00 there is a reference to Jim Gray’s “Black Book”, which is entitled “Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques” and can be found here:

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