Splunk’s Sysadmin of the Year Award

I think the Sysadmin of the Year is a great idea, and I wish I knew about it when nominations were happening! DBA’s and network administrators also count.

From http://www.sysadminoftheyear.com/

The first annual Sysadmin of the Year (SAOTY) contest has been a huge success. Nominations for SAOTY closed at midnight on October 31, 2006 with more than 5,000 sysadmins nominated. The nominations were outstanding and inspiring.

Grandprize: Washington DC Trip to Attend LISA and a $2,500 Splunk Professional License
Michael Beck — Emerging Technologies Group, USA

1st Place: MacBook
Sean Thomas — True Prism Technologies (Ulanji)

Runnerup: Splunk License
Darren Barry — US Air Force

Micah Anderson — Eggplant Media Workers’ Cooperative
Dawn Lovell — CenturyTel
Mike Jennings — Rackspace

Honorable Mention: Case of Bawls Soda
Nik Keating — digital.forest
Russ Steffen — Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (US Navy)
Denis Roy — Eclipse Foundation
Justin Hartwell — Yarn Lady

About SysAdmin of the Year

SAOTY is a contest inviting business professionals to nominate their company’s system administrator to receive recognition and prizes for their outstanding achievements. Any network, system, database or application administrator can be nominated. Nominators are required to submit an online nomination entry form summarizing why they believe the nominee deserves the honor of being named the Sysadmin of the Year. Submissions are judged by a panel consisting of representatives from the sponsoring organizations and other IT professionals. The contest is open to U.S. and Canadian resident IT administrators currently employed as an IT administrator.

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