Some Videos from 2010 OpenSQL Camp Boston



OpenSQLCamp Boston has only been over for a week, but I already have about 2/3 of the videos uploaded to YouTube.  I have updated the schedule page with all the videos and slides I knew about.  I welcome comments with more information (e.g. links to slides, or tag or description suggestions for the YouTube videos).

Here’s the list of videos and slides so far (also linked at

Adventures in Alternative Energy “Data Monitoring” with MySQL — architecture and design case study – Matt Yonkovit, Percona – video

Cassandra and Lucene – Jake Luciani, Riptano – video – slides(slideshare)

Common MySQL Performance Blunders – Matt Yonkovit, Percona – video

Databases of the Future (Discussion) – Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts – video

Keeping MySQL slaves in sync using Maatkit tools (mk-table-checksum, mk-table-sync) – Sheeri Cabral, PalominoDB, with input from Matt Yonkovit, Percona – video – slides (PDF)


The MariaDB Server — What do you want from it? (intro + discussion) – Colin Charles, Monty Program AB – video

MySQL replication and the quest for a global transaction ID – Giuseppe Maxia, MySQL – video

MySQL Tuner 2.0 – Sheeri Cabral, PalominoDB – video – slides (PDF)


MVCC Unmasked: Implementation and Issues in Postgres, Cassandra, MySQL and CouchDB – Bruce Momjian,EnterpriseDB; Jake Luciani, Riptano; Rob Wultsch, GoDaddy; Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts – video

Serialization in distributed DBS – Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts –video



SQL Meets NoSQL: Mapping relational semantics onto a true multi-master, eventually consistent database (SlackDB) – Eric Day,Rackspace – video – note that there were no slides, only a discussion, so really it’s audio, but it’s up on YouTube, so there is video.

Teaching Developers SQL (Discussion) – Led by Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts – video


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