Sheeri Visiting Europe in Late August

OpenSQLCamp 2009 is happening “in parallel to the Free and Open Source Conference 2009 (FrOSCon) on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August in St. Augustin, Germany …. close to Bonn and Cologne.”

I plan on being at FrOSCon and OpenSQLCamp. Where I go before and after that is up to *you*. Yes, that is right, perhaps I will visit a user group, such as France’s MySQL User Group. Or perhaps your company needs the type of services Pythian can offer — we can do the “traditional consulting” model where we look over your systems for performance tuning and security gains, or fix problems in an emergency. Even more of a win, we specialize in recurring engineering — we can supplement your existing IT staff with database expertise, and do all the database work your current staff does not have time to do.

We do it all, whether it’s large project work that would ordinarily be farmed out to consultants such as new schema development, ETL and reporting scripts and data warehouse creation; or the ordinary but important stuff that keeps the business running like ensuring backups work, constructing a no-downtime architecture, making the development environment realistic, testing failover, and capacity planning.

If you have a mixed environment, that’s OK too — we cover the major database vendors (open and closed source) and have a team of system administrators if you need help in that arena.

Keep in mind — I’m not a sales person, I’m a tech person. Day-to-day I not only lead a team of MySQL DBA’s, I am one myself, and have my hands in the tech stuff all the time. Most of the reasons I like working at Pythian are the same reasons our clients love us — 24×7 coverage to me means “my pager only goes off past 5 pm if it’s the one weekend a month I’m oncall”, to a client it means “whoever is paged is already awake most of the time.”

So if you would like to sit down with me and have a drink, just say “hi”, speak at an upcoming User Group, or talk about what Pythian can do for you, comment here, or e-mail me at “cabral at pythian dot com” and we will work something out. I can come to your European location, meet you at FrOSCon or OpenSQLCamp, or we can arrange a meeting at our Prague office sometime around the end of August.

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