Quiz Show Video Up

For folks to know — to create the page with links to conference material, I took the slides from the O’Reilly official page, combines it with the myriad of “here are my slides” posts to Planet MySQL, and links to Baron, Kevin and Mike’s audio and video as well as the video and audio I processed (Because Baron made statements about bandwidth, I downloaded the .ogg files and technocation.org is hosting them, whereas Kevin and Mike’s files are linked to).

I know I hate going to 20 places to find everything I want. There’s no need for folks to have to go to more than one site, just because the content was provided by more than one person. The referenced page is one-stop shopping, as I feel it should be. If folks have anything to add (or change), I’m happy to update the page, just comment here.

So, I have updated the page at:


that fixes a link, adds some slides, and also adds the Quiz Show footage that I have. I got a late start to the Quiz Show, but I did get it in time to catch Solomon Chang’s infamous “Coder McKinnan o’ The Cubicles”. Sadly, I did not have video of the dance, but you can see that at http://people.warp.es/~nacho/blog/?p=225 — that post also contains a comment by Solomon himself with the lyrics (which he also sent to me, but I’m a bad videographer and took too long to process all the video…).

(updates to the page: Fixed the “Clash of the Database Egos” wmv link, thanks to Hakan Kücükyilmaz for pointing out the brokenness. Added the link to download slides (pdf and swf) for the SQL Kitchen talk, courtesy of Damien Seguy. Added the Quiz Show and links to audio and video.)

Go forth and enjoy!

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