Oracle is not removing InnoDB!


I was asked “What’s the deal with Oracle removing InnoDB?”  I had not heard this, so I did some research.  It took less than 5 minutes to figure out what happened, and it was easy to see where the confusion is.

On the MySQL products page at the matrix of MySQL editions includes “MySQL Classic” which is free, “MySQL Standard” which costs $2k per year, “MySQL Enterprise” which costs $5k per year and “MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade” which costs $10k per year.

Indeed, the “MySQL Classic” does not include InnoDB.  What happened was that folks assumed that, because it was free, it was the MySQL Community edition we all know and love.

This is not true.  How do I know?  Because just above the matrix is a set of links to each edition, and if you click the “MySQL Classic” link you get to which explains “MySQL Classic Edition is the ideal embedded database for ISVs, OEMs and VARs developing read-intensive applications using the MyISAM storage engine.”


So calm down, folks. 

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