ODTUG Kscope Wrap-up and Slides

Ronald Bradford and I produced a successful MySQL track at Kaleidoscope (hereinafter referred to as Kscope). With a speaker list of Philip Antoniades, Josh Sled and Craig Sylvester of Oracle, Laine Campbell of PalominoDB, Patrick Galbraith of Northscale, Sarah Novotny of Blue Gecko, Padrig O’Sullivan of Akiba, Dossy Shiobara of Panoptic.com and Matt Yonkovic of Percona, we knew the technical content was going to be great.

As someone who’s helped organize all the OpenSQLCamps, a few MySQL Camps, and the Boston MySQL User Group, I know that participation at an event such as this can be small. Despite planning the MySQL track at the last minute, we had top-notch speakers with appropriate content for the audience, which was mostly Oracle crossovers. We had several registrants who came solely for the MySQL content, with all but 2 of the 27 sessions having 10-25 audience members. According to a few different folks, this is the same amount as the SOA and BPM track receives, and that track was not planned at the last minute. The ODTUG conference committee and board were happy with the turnout as well. I can’t wait to see the results of the evaluations!

As someone who’s sat on not-for-profit boards in the past as well as organized events while being on the board, I know how crazy it can be to plan conferences, and I also know that there are some organizations and personalities that are difficult to work with. I am happy to report that ODTUG has been very welcoming, accommodating, and hands-off, letting us do what we need. When I spoke with Edward Roske, the conference chair for Kscope 2011, he said, “You know what the needs for MySQL much better than I do, so just run the MySQL track as if you’re an executive of a corporation.” I know we are all worried about content being controlled by marketing folks, and I am very happy to report that ODTUG’s Kaleidoscope conference is of, by and for the people. There is one slot for a vendor presentation, and it is clearly marked, and there was an expo hall with over 20 booths, so there are opportunities for marketing; but all in all this is a technical conference.

Slides from presentations:
From Ronald:
Increasing MySQL Productivity from Design to Implementation (3-hour presentation)

MySQL idiosyncrasies that bite

From Matt Yonkovit:
The Five Minute DBA

From me:
Importing and Exporting Data with MySQL
What do you mean, SQL syntax error? – a 90-minute look into how MySQL’s SQL extends and deviates from the ANSI/ISO SQL:2003 standard.

Procedures & Functions and
and Views.

I also gave Jay Pipes’ Join-fu: the Art of SQL part one and Join-fu: the Art of SQL part two as Jay was unable to attend at the last minute.

My huge thanks to all the speakers and all the attendees; the MySQL track at Kaleidoscope was a success! I am already imagining what we can do next year in Long Beach, CA at the end of June.

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