No Buyer’s Remorse Here

So last night, during a break in the quiz show (where Prokrasti Nation had a good showing, as did the other teams — Recreational Evil, Peeps, and Safe Hex) we bid on the T-shirt that had the signatures of all the speakers at the conference. All the proceeds were to go to the EFF, so it’s a good cause.

They announced it was cash only, so I looked in my wallet. $33. Well, the bidding quickly went over that, and when it reached about $100 they said it didn’t have to be cash only. Around $300 Brian Aker said that they’d give whoever won credits in a new command, SHOW CONTRIBUTORS. Well, when they said that I knew I HAD to have my name in the source code.

I mean, dude, my NAME in the SOURCE CODE!!! But then again, this is an open source application, I could just spend some time and write a patch.

I’ve been saving for my wedding next June (14 months away) so when I bid $500, I said, “hey, I don’t need flowers for my wedding.” (My entire wedding budget is $5,000, so spending 10% of that on my name in the source code was, I felt, worth it.)

The bidding stalled at $775, so I asked, “Will MySQL match what is raised?” And indeed, if the bidding reached $1,000 then MySQL would donate $800. So then Boyd Hemphill (wearing the “practice safe hex” T-shirt) walked up to the front, plunked down $20 and said, “I’m giving cash to help make up the $225 difference. Who else will help?”

And people started giving cash, and the bidding increased. I bid $900, and Ronald Bradford bid $1,000. That was the top bid, so he won the T-shirt, but the MySQL folks were nice enough to say if I donated the $900 I was willing to, I’d also get my name in the SHOW CONTRIBUTORS function. So I did!

And that is how it happened.

In other news:

40% of the people who took an exam on Tuesday passed. That means 60% failed — which is a lot, although it was mentioned that probably many people took the tutorials, got the free exam, and just tried it, not caring if they failed or not because it was free.

I passed both certification exams, so now I’m MySQL certified! And I stumped Brian Aker with a question about what rpl_recovery_rank was, and won an ipod nano!

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