New Book Available: SQL Hacks

Like many other in the “Hacks” series, this book offers 100 tips and tricks for making the most of your database through querying.

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It is about to be published (Nov. 2006). I believe you can order the final cut (as opposed to the “rough cut”), although last week they were still advertising it as a rough cut…now you can order it online, in a print book or to read on Safari.

As a technical editor for this book, I have read through all of it (or at least, all of it that was there in the draft I received) and I can say it is definitely worth the $30 USD. Most of the examples at the time I read it were in MySQL format (though they might have changed that to be more fair to other databases); while it has some material for DB2 and Access, it’s mostly a book for MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server (in that order).

There are hacks for all levels, and all abilities. If you’re a beginner who cannot seem to read the manual, or an expert who refers to it all the time, there’s plenty in this book for you. I learned a lot just by having to edit it, and in fact rewrote a couple of important queries using what I had learned in the book. I would put it on a ‘top 5 books to read if you are a DBA or write SQL’.

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