MySQLCamp, Here I Come!

On Wednesday night, I did some consulting, and it ended up taking twice as long as I thought it would. So I am rewarding myself by going to MySQLCamp!

Speaking of which, I updated the home page, adding explicitly that registration is free, and a section on travel information. I have no idea how housing is being organized, or if it is, and I am happy to take the lead on doing so.

The basics are that there are some good, cheap* 3-star hotels not too far away. Cheap = under $100, I even found some in the $60 price range! I would love to get a sense of what folks are doing for lodging, and if folks want, I can work on getting a group discount (some hotels will arrange one for a minimum of 10 rooms), arranging a suite for the “evening track”, etc.

Currently stating that you’re interested does not require a commitment to get a hotel room. If we have critical mass, I can see what the options are, and folks can reserve a room for themselves or, if it’s easier/cheaper, I can make the reservations for folks.

Alternatively, if someone speaks up and says, “Silly Sheeri! It’s all taken care of!” please point me in the right direction.

Public transit information would be great on the travel page, particularly from the airport to the venue. Also, knowing what time camp starts on Friday and ends on Monday would be great…..sure, they’re approximate….

* the hotels are good and cheap, therefore they cannot be fast.

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