MySQL Winter of Code

What happened to the MySQL Winter of Code? Are they waiting for winter in Australia?

I live near Boston, MA and I can tell you it’s definitely winter in the northern hemisphere….

So what are we waiting for?

Well, I can say this — we’re waiting for people. The Winter of Code idea is a great one, particularly since if MySQL works with academic institutions they could help students find Master’s Projects or part of Ph.D. work. Imagine someone writing a new storage engine and having that earn them a Master’s degree. This is exactly what MySQL needs — more people who understand database internals and best theoretical practices to start coding and see where it goes. Note the “more people” — they already have staff that does this.

I’m guessing the Winter of Code is nonexistent because of other big announcements that have been happening; still, I would love to see some collaboration with institutions and universities to give incentives to participants and push them to do it. Class credit or fulfilling graduate requirements would be perfect, and there would be many submissions.

Tying together MySQL and universities would be a great leap forward and a very important move for MySQL, as it would generate more contributions to the code. And the contest!

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