MySQL Users Conference

The Buddha is my DBA

I thought this was neat….
The Buddha is my DBA

I thought this was neat….
So, as well, who congratulated me on the success of the Boston MySQL Users conference.

This morning I sat down for the keynotes and Roland Bouman said, “Sheeri!” He was followed by Markus Popp, Beat Vontobel, Giuseppe Maxia and Jay Pipes. So of course we had to get a picture! (Click on any picture to get bigger versions…)

(Quick pronunciation guide for American English Speakers:
Sheeri = SHEE-ree
Beat = BEE-aht
Guiseppe = Ju-SEP-pee
Arjen = AR-yen
to their credit, nobody has mispronounced my name yet.)

left to right: Beat, Markus, Jay, Sheeri (me), Guiseppe and Roland.

And then Arjen Lentz appeared, so we got another one…..

And then Monty Widenius appeared.

left to right: Markus, Guiseppe, Roland, Sheeri, Monty

Listening to Monty speak, he really cares about the product and the community. I’ve learned that the company cares about that sort of thing, but it’s nice to hear that Monty’s favorite thing about the 5.0 release was that he could give features to people that they’ve asked you.

While I’ve been writing, 4 community awards have been given, and 3 from people I’m sitting with!

Left to right: Congrats to
Roland Bouman
Giuseppe Maxia
Markus Popp
and Rasmus Lerdof (one of the founders of PHP) for their huge contributions to the MySQL Community.

More pics:

Welcome to San Jose!

I arrived at night:

The convention center has inflatable furniture in the hallways for break time use. Silicon Valley is geeky, who’dve thunk?

The food is great — the cheese and olives are wonderful! And salads, quiche and salmon also make an appearance on my plate. This isn’t bad lasagna, this is real, good food, and there are healthy options.

If you’re wondering who I am, and the pictures aren’t helping, I’m the knitter. Yesterday I started and finished a scrunchie, and today I’m continuing work on a vest. The scrunchie (hair thing):

So come, find me and say hi!

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