MySQL Users Conference and Expo Keynote Idea?

(The basics — comment here if you’d be interested to hear a non-partisan talk about the technical challenges faced by the IT team during the Obama campaign [particularly if you’re not an American who likes the idea of Obama as President, but even if you are].)

So, we all saw when Jonathan Schwartz posted this on election night:

Now, back in December 2001 one of the speakers at LISA (a system administrator’s conference) was a William LeFebvre, who spoke about what it was like to run during the extremely high peak times of Sept. 11-12, 2001. I was not at that keynote speech, but I have heard a lot about it, including the fact that they were down to 85% capacity due to previously planned maintenance, that they diverted resources from all their other web properties except for the Cartoon Network’s website, so children had a place to go on the internet, etc.

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