MySQL Boston May User Group: Auditing MySQL for Security and Compliance

Mehlam Shakir, CTO of RippleTech, discusses a practical approach for auditing MySQL databases to meet security and compliance regulations. Hear real-world cases and see a live demonstration of how RippleTech’s Informant solution compliments MySQL by adding a security layer without any performance impact.

For more information on RippleTech’s INFORMANT, visit

I have to say, I was a bit worried this would be a typical vendor presentation where every other word is marketing speak for how great the product is. It actually just ended up being “here’s how Informant works, and here’s how auditing, security and compliance needs can be met,” presented in a way that’s useful and valuable to anyone who is interested in auditing or security.

Rippletech’s Informant is not only interesting because it’s currently the only software that audits MySQL, but it’s impressive in its simplicity and flexibility. I think my favorite surprise about Informant was that it has the ability to store a user session as just that.

Download the video of the presentation at:”> (446 Mb)

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