Liveblogging: Mentoring: It’s for everyone!

Liveblog of the Professional IT Community Conference session Mentoring: It’s for everyone

Ways to learn:
Kinetic (doing it)

Everyone learns differently, but most people learn with some combination of all these three.

However, you can also learn by training [that’s the truth, I learned a LOT by writing the book, even things I knew, I ended up needing to research more].

Ways to train:
Questioning (Socratic Method)

What is a mentor?
noun: experienced and trusted adviser. It’s not just someone who teaches, it’s someone who advises.
experienced person in a company, college or schools who trains and counsels new employees or students.

verb: to advise or train (someone, esp. a younger colleague).

A mentorship is a safe place to ask questions.

A mentor is a trainer, but a trainer who also is a professional advisor.

Finding a mentor
– you respect/admire
– works with similar technology
– has a compatible personality
– you have a good rapport with

Being a mentor
– Teach technical skills
– Provide advanced technical/design guidance
– Model and teach professional skills
– Be interested and invested in the [student’s] career

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