Liveblog: Ethan Galstad Nagios Keynote

Ethan Galstad, father of Nagios, keynoted NagiosWorlds first day.

For those who are curious, Ethan pronounces Nagios as NAH-ghee-os emphasis on the first syllable, the g is a hard g like in the word good, and a long o as in ghost.

Nagios Core been around since 1999. Extendable FLOSS monitoring and alerting engine. What people used to just call nagios. Usually you have to be a technical person to install and configure.

Nagios XI Commercial Nagios solution, built on top of Nagios core has dashboards, web configuration, auto-discovery, advanced reports. Unlike Nagios core, its much easier to use.

Nagios Fusion Centralized dashboard, can login to one place and see all Nagios XI and Nagios Core servers in your infrastructure. Theres also centralized authentication so you only have to login once and youre logged into the underlying system. Each user can set up their own customized dashboards. [I think this is true for Nagios XI too]

Recent Developments
Community Project Development 700 new projects, 3500 total projects, Nagios Exchange site.

6 new community sites Brazil (started by Roderigo Faria), Chile, Panama, Dominican Republic, Spain (started by Poloma Galan), Italy.

Nagios Core 4 coming soon.
Worker processes added so theres built-in distributed monitoring, cleaning up internal data structures for faster performance committed mostly by Andreas Ericsson.

Nagios XI 2012 Bulk management, capacity planning, scheduled reporting, audit logging, advanced reporting, more wizards. [author’s note OMG CAPACITY PLANNING!]

Nagios Fusion 2012 Centralized reports, new visualizations, fused graphs.

Nagios Mobile Remote access for XI, Core. You can ack problems, schedule downtime, disable notifications, etc.

NSTI (nagios snmp trap interface) Manage and handle SNMP traps.

NRDS (nagios remote data sender) how do you monitor remote devices? Roaming devices? update remote configs? install remote plugins? Built on NRDP, uses its http communication. Once youve installed the agent, the agent sends monitoring data to the Nagios server (passive monitoring), and every time it checks in, it looks for new config files.

Nagios reflector remote/roaming devices even though Nagios is behind a firewall. Nagios reflector is a hosted service that can monitor remote apps even though they cant directly connect to your nagios. Uses NRDP or NSCA. Close to being released, beta testing with customers.

NPush how to push out an agent to the Windows servers you monitor? How do you modify remote configurations? NPush fixes this problem. Close to being released, beta testing with customers.

New commercial products being developed:
Nagios Incident Manager lightweight ticketing system. Has a callback API. Integrates with Nagios Core and XI, for dealing with Nagios problems.

Nagios Network Analyzer NetFlow and sFlow monitoring solution. Whos using the network and for what? Usage graphs, custom queries, integrates with Nagios XI and Core.

Nagios Reactor Event handler and workflow management. Event handlers are already in Nagios, they can perform an action based on an event (e.g. if IIS or Apache fails, restart it. Can even cycle power on boxes). Nagios Reactor will be able to execute an event chain not just one event of actions to take. Can use logic, so basically its like having an automated flow chart, with steps and conditions.

This stuff is all pretty neat! Looks like the Nagios folks are doing a great job. I am here because I am talking about Alerting MySQL, and I am actually excited to see the rest of the sessions (I have been using Nagios since 2001).

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