Keeping Spam-Free

So, how do I do it?

How do I enable comments to be posted immediately, but seem to avoid spam? Well, there are 2 features I employ. The first is that comments are moderated, but *only* if they contain more than 3 links. All the spam I get is a series of links, and there’s only been one time that a real message has been put in the moderation queue because it contains a series of links. And I have not yet had spam with 3 or fewer links, so it works out OK by me. I get an e-mail whenever a comment is in the moderation queue. About once a week, I go to the moderation panel and delete about 15 spam messages.

The second feature is that I have all comments e-mailed to me, so if a spam comment does get through, I see it right away.

This saves a lot of time — the real messages are sent to me, so I get feedback right away (as do other readers). The spam messages get sent to me in full, so I just glance at the message, delete it from my inbox, and deal with the moderation queue when I want to.

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