International Women’s Day

If you do not know what International Women’s Day is:

Start planning your blog posts for Ada Lovelace day now (March 24th, Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging (videologging, podcasting, comic drawing etc.!) to draw attention to the achievements of women in technology and science.)

To that end, I would like to point out all the women currently in science and tech fields that I admire and think are doing great things. I think it would be great if everyone, male or female, made a list like this:

The women that have taught me science/tech along the way:

High School:
Mary Lou Ciavarra (Physics)
Maria Petretti (Pre-Algebra, and Academic Decathlon)
Reneé Fishman (Biology)
Lisa Acquaire (Economics during Academic Decathlon)

Professor Kalpana White (Biology), and in whose fruit fly lab I worked for 2 semesters.
Professor Eve Marder (Introductory Neuroscience)

Though Brandeis does have female faculty in the Computer Science department, I did not manage to have any classes with female Computer Science faculty members.

My current female DBA co-workers at Pythian: Isabel Pinarci (Oracle), Michelle Gutzait (SQL Server), Catherine Chow (Oracle) and Jasmine Wen (Oracle).

And to folks in the greater MySQL/tech community and tech co-workers past and present, especially those I have been inspired and helped by: Tracy Gangwer, Selena Deckelmann (Postgres), Amy Rich, Anne Cross, and more (If I have forgotten you, I apologize!).

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