Call for Papers for Collaborate ends tomorrow!

The call for papers for Collaborate ends tomorrow, Friday October 14th.  Collaborate is Sunday, April 22nd through Thursday April 26th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.  This year the folks scheduling the MySQL Conference and Expo have smartly chosen not to conflict, and in fact they are 2 weeks apart.

Collaborate is the largest independent (not put on by Oracle) conference for users of Oracle software.  This year we are having a one-day MySQL track at Collaborate, so that speakers and attendees can focus and optimize their time spent at the conference.

This is a great chance to give a talk to operations folks about running MySQL.  The audience is mixed, with some beginners and some intermediate folks.  We expect over 100 attendees to attend the MySQL sessions, as have done in the past 2 years.  


The track will have 1 or 2 MySQL talks per session time, so that the attendance is bigger and there is less that each attendee can miss — last year the feedback from attendees was “I want to clone myself!” and the feedback fom speakers was “I wish there were more people in the room”.  This year we are rectifying that.


So, don’t forget to submit your paper today!

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