Boston MySQL User Group a Success!

Yet again, the Boston MySQL User Group was a success. Larry Stefonic, Senior Vice President, Worldwide OEM & Embedded Sales and President, MySQL K.K. (Japan) was on hand to witness the event. There were 15 people total at the user group, which is our lowest yet, but I’ll get to why I was not disappointed at all later on.

However, the topic was advanced: “Measuring MySQL Server Performance for the Sensor Data Stream Processing” presented by faithful MySQL User Group attendee Jacob Nikom, from MIT Lincoln Labs. (he’s been to every user group meeting!)

And I was very impressed with the questions folks asked of Jacob — the group was half the size of what we usually are, but we were all fully engaged. I’m very proud of the MySQL group! We have a diverse range of skills and I’m glad we can accomodate all of them.

Next month’s topic will be “Storing images in a database,” which was pushed out of the way in April to make room for Jay Pipes’ wonderful presentation. As well, we hope to have a special User Group before then with an extra special MySQL guest. More details on that when they happen.

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