2007 Sysadmin of the Year

The short: 2007 Sysadmin of the Year Nominations being accepted — http://www.sysadminoftheyear.com. Canada and US candidates only (due to prizes and regulations. 🙁 )

Last year, I found out too late about the Sysadmin of the Year Award (see my lament at http://sheeri.net/archives/157). Mark Cohen, this year’s “poster boy” for 2007 Sysadmin of the Year, contacted me to let me know that the 2007 Sysadmin of the Year contest is on. It started on Sysadmin Day, always the last Friday in July.

I asked if DBA’s count as sysadmins, and here’s what Mark had to say:

In our book, DBAs qualify.

I’ve worked with some totally amazing DBAs that not only do their job, but ALSO work as a sysadmin when asked..

Great bunch of people generally.

The press release to Forbes Magazine http://tinyurl.com/2cufvc confirms this:

During the three-month contest, anyone can nominate their system administrator, network manager, database administrator, or other IT professional simply by submitting an online nomination describing why their IT person is a SysAdmin Rockstar, going beyond the call-of-duty on a daily basis.

My hat’s already in the running (from my co-workers, so use skritzer at online-buddies dot com if you’re going to nominate me), so if you think my contributions to the general community through my podcast, my blog, as mentor in the Google Summer of Code for 2 students, or through actually working with me are useful, go ahead and nominate me.

And be sure to nominate other folks as well — the first 2500 folks to be nominated will receive a T-shirt. But I’d really love to go to LISA again, and I’ve already been to the MySQL Conference this year so my training budget is used!

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