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Pop Quiz: MySQL Cluster

If you have a 12-server MySQL Cluster with:
1 Management Node
3 SQL Nodes
2 Data Node Groups, 4 Data Nodes per group
And each machine is configured to allocate 1G of memory for its function, how much data (data + indexes) can you store in total in your cluster?
You can guess, but you get bonus points if you […]

Automating To Save Time

This is the first place I am announcing this: The Pythian Group has made me a Team Lead. I am extremely honored and somewhat humbled by this, and I am determined to do a good job. I started officially on Monday, March 3rd, and my first week went pretty well.
On […]

Why is Database Security So Hard?

I was recently asked a question by someone who had attended my Shmoocon talk entitled “Why are Databases So Hard to Secure?”. PDF slides are available (1.34 Mb). I was going to put this into a more formal structure, but the conversational nature works really well. I would love to see comments […]

Hacking Open Source

Open Source means that the source code is open. There are many inferences that can be made from this, and many stereotypes that can be applied, but in the end, all it means is that you can read the source code as well as use the binaries.
I am not a developer. I fully […]

Daylight Saving Time Begins, Sunday March 9th

This is a public service announcement, and while databases should not have a problem as this Sunday we “spring ahead”, some people might be confused as to why systems were “dead” for an hour, and show no activity/sales/whatever.
This Sunday, March 9th, most locales in Canada and the US start to “save daylight” by “springing ahead” […]

The Sun Comes to Boston, Join the Live Videocast!

On Monday, March 10th, Sun makes a stop in Boston on its world tour of “Mashup Meetups”.
If you can’t make it in person, join us on the live ustream videocast at:
Currently there’s a promo for your viewing pleasure at (see “Video Clips”). I am very excited about this new videocast for the […]

Working at Pythian: 3 Months In

Well, in the “notes from the front line” part of this post….
I have been a MySQL DBA at The Pythian Group for three months (and 2 days) now. At most companies that is the probationary period, and I am still here, so that is a good sign…..
So, after three months, how do I like […]

MySQL March Boston User Group + MySQL/Sun Mashup World Tour

In summary:
Who: you, me, MySQL/Sun
What: MySQL User Group with free swag, food, and a short workshop to boot.
When: 7-9 pm, Monday March 10th
Where: MIT Building E-51, room 372
Why: why the heck not! Because Sun just bought MySQL, and because there’s a user group each month.
How: RSVP optional but requested […]

Slides for Shmoocon 2008 Database Security Talk

The slides for today’s presentation at Shmoocon are here:

Just a note so folks at the conference can download them whenever they want. Folks not at the conference can, too but the slides don’t give away the whole talk so I don’t know how useful they’re going to be…..

Why Postgres is Superior to MySQL
Do I really need to say more?